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 Posted by Joe Jackson - Papillion NE. on Jan 7th 2018

I love this cleanse and this is the one thing that truly helped me get better after Giardiasis caused by a protozoan parasite. Many years ago, a friend talked me into a 10 day trip to Mexico city and I paid for it dearly. I had a severe case of Montezuma’s revenge. It got better after taking antibiotics, but it started getting worse after a few years and nothing seemed to work for me. Finally, after suffering for years, I read an article about this cleanse and decided to try it out. That was 17 years ago and I have been using this cleanse every year without fail. And I use Internal Sweep throughout the year for maintenance. 

After I used ParaNix, which is part of this cleanse, I expelled parasites and I can feel the difference it made. I highly recommend this product. 

Last time I got a colonoscopy back in 2007, I was 56, my doctor told me I had the cleanest colon in Sarpy County. All thanks to the cleanse and Daily Internal Sweep use. 

Thank you

Joe Jackson - Papillion NE. 

Best Internal Cleanse Ever! 

Posted by Susan K. on Jun 18th 2017

I am 50 and have been using these cleanse products for years! I use the Internal Sweep and the Klenz Tea for maintenance. You can take the powder with juice in the morning-it goes great with V8 Peach/Mango juice! I would NOT be without it- Keeps you comfortable and regular with Zero side effects. I told my mom about it- she is 83 and takes the powder daily. The complete cleanse is great once a year or so for getting rid of parasites which everybody has! If you have never cleansed before- get the program and do the 3 steps for 6-8 weeks. You will get rid of 10 pounds of waste product. After that, you can use just the powder or the powder and the tea for daily maintenance. A lot of people think they have IBS and they just need to cleanse. Parasites cause a lot of intestinal problems, bad skin, cramps, headaches, etc... I can not recommend these products enough! Compare the list of all-natural awesome ingredients.

Thanks Natural Avenue Laboratories!

I am a Registered Nurse and have a private holistic practice & I love this Cleanse!!

Posted by Rosemary D on Sep 4th 2017

I have used the cleanse many times and always felt much better when I finished my 30 days. About 4 weeks after the last time I used it my beautician was totally surprised when she saw thousands of new hairs growing in my scalp. I was 64 at the time and that's pretty unusual for new hairs to be growing, most women my age are starting to lose their hair! I would also like to thank Chris for the fantastic customer service I received after having difficulty checking out. It was a holiday and I sent an e-mail thinking I would not hear from anyone until the next business day. But, 5 minutes later I received a call and he spent time working we me to get my order processed and was above and beyond helpful. I am a Registered Nurse and have a private holistic practice. I frequently recommend Internal Klenz (Internal Sweep + ParaNix + KlenzTea) to my clients and now I can add the fantastic customer service to the list of positives associated with your product. 

Thank You

I was leery of the promised success of this product but....

Posted by Gail Buckner, GA. on Dec 14th 2017

I was leery of the promised success of this product but it has been amazing. I’m done with my first month and ready for my second month Internal cleanse. This Internal Cleanse is really easy to follow, I didn't have to change my diet, and really easy on my tummy. I highly recommend this product.


Thank You InternalCleanse.Com

Gail Buckner, GA.

Best Cleanse Ever!!

Posted by Christine L on Aug 30th 2017

This is the best cleanse ever!! I tried many cleanses, including some really expensive $300+ products, but none of them worked as well as Internal Sweep & Klenz Tea. This is truly an amazing product and easy to do. I don't have to change my diet and I feel great! 

Thank You!

This fiber powder is so easy to take!

Posted by Rosemary L on Aug 30th 2017

This fiber powder is so easy to take! It tastes better than any other powder I have tried - and I can even put it directly in my smoothies! I usually just mix it in some water first thing in the morning - but if I forget then I just add it to my smoothie. It has a very pleasant taste and has been very effective in detoxing my system and making me have more energy. I am so glad that I tried it - I will never use anything else now! 


Amazing and fast results!

Posted by Dr. Joan Monteiro on May 27th 2017

“When I recommend your formula to my patients, they experience remarkable results in a short time. The combination of herbs is effective against all types of parasites in every part of the body — a very effective cleansing. Most of my patients now use it regularly 1-2 times per year as maintenance and they feel great! I just tell them how to take it and then — watch out! Terrific stuff!”

I have been using the Internal Sweep powder, ParaNix capsules and tea for over 10 years ... and it is amazing!

Posted by Deborah G on Aug 16th 2017

I have been using the Internal Sweep powder, ParaNix capsules and tea for over 10 years and cleanse every 6 months... and it is amazing! The first time I cleansed for a 2 month period and I passed two huge parasites twisted up together. I had seizures for many years and they stopped once I started cleaning with ParaNix. 

Thank you Internal Cleanse ! 

Simply the best product in the world!!

Posted by Allen J on May 27th 2017

I have been a huge fan of this product for years. I travel overseas a lot and I don't leave home without it.

I was shocked at what was coming out of my body!

Posted by Joel M on May 27th 2017

I placed an order for ParaNix and on the 7th of April, I started the cleansing program. Just a few days into the program, I found out my body was full of parasites and their toxins. It was repulsive but true. Once I got rid of these parasites, I started feeling better and my energy level improved by leaps and bounds!

Excellent Cleanse Program

Posted by M.K. Doerr on Sep 27th 2017

After nearly 60 days on program, I am still expelling a dark color pearl chain like organism and/or impacted fecal matter.